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The Function and Application of Inverters in Energy Storage Power Grid
119 2023-05-10
With the development of modern technology, inverter power sources have been widely applied in various industries, which has put forward higher requirements for their functionality. Traditional inverter power sources are mostly control systems that combine analog control or digital control. A good inverter power supply voltage output waveform mainly includes high steady-state accuracy, good dynamic performance, and other aspects. At present, the inverter structure and control can achieve good sinusoidal output voltage waveform, but the effect is not very ideal for waveforms with rapid mutations.
Function generator is a commonly used equipment in experimental teaching. Can generate waveforms of different frequencies and voltage levels: square wave signals, triangular waves, and sinusoidal signal waveforms. A new DDS technology that has emerged in recent years, namely direct digital frequency synthesis technology. But they are all small signal waves with no power output and cannot carry a certain load.
The proposed multifunctional inverter power supply adopts a dual single-phase full bridge inverter structure in the main circuit. The output voltage waveform tracks the given reference waveform, has power output, and can carry a certain load. The control adopts hysteresis control with differential links, fully achieving digital control.