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Minefields to pay attention to when purchasing household photovoltaic inverters
126 2023-05-10
Nowadays, the world is advocating the use of green and environmentally friendly energy, so many households are using photovoltaic inverters. This not only allows for the use of green electricity, but also allows for the sale of excess electricity to the power grid for profit. When purchasing photovoltaic inverter equipment, there are often some minefields that need to be taken seriously. Today, let‘s talk about this topic.
Firstly, when purchasing photovoltaic inverters, it is natural to value brand and quality. Therefore, if it is a small brand of photovoltaic inverter that has not been heard of before, it is recommended not to buy it for cheap. Although the inverter technology has been gradually improved after updating and wearing, it is still a long-term household device. Therefore, it is better to choose a trustworthy brand to ensure quality, And before purchasing, it is necessary to consult professional personnel to see which type of inverter is suitable for the specific construction environment. Do not only discover that it cannot be installed after purchasing, but also emphasize not to be greedy for small gains.
Secondly, the minefield mentioned earlier is when purchasing photovoltaic inverters, buying brands that are too cheap to guarantee. On the other hand, it is important to pay attention to selecting the power generation efficiency based on household electricity usage, as the capacity of photovoltaic inverters in households is usually around 5KW to 10KW. Therefore, do not intentionally choose inverters with high power generation, as you may think that the excess electricity can be sold to the power grid to earn profits, However, inverters with high power generation often have high usage and maintenance costs. Surplus electricity can indeed be sold to earn profits, but deliberately purchasing high-power household inverters for this purpose is not cost-effective.
Thirdly, when purchasing household photovoltaic inverters, there is also a minefield where only quality is valued and installation is not valued. When purchasing, various parameters such as MPPT input and voltage are taken into account, but installation is not done carefully. The quality of installation directly determines various factors such as heat dissipation. Therefore, professional personnel should also be hired to design installation drawings and carry out high-quality installation.
With the increasing attention and popularity of photovoltaic inverters in household electricity, many households are now using inverters. Therefore, in the several minefields mentioned earlier, it is important to note that the purpose of using inverters is to use environmentally friendly and energy-saving new energy, and to exchange more green energy for profits, rather than being a way to make money.